There is something about Tiki culture that fills people with joy, and it’s that type of aloha mindset, love, and respect that we poured into this pop art. And with the proper island music, and several stiff mai tais of course, you will be all set to create the proper background visuals to transport you and your guests to Polynesia and the beautiful south seas.

Tiki Essentials

A solid beginner grouping of the “must haves” with 3 Tiki heads, tropical drinks, pineapple, ukulele, and a variety of tropical flowers.

Tiki Flower Power

This one brings the island flower power to your tiki party. Complete with two tiki guards to flank your entrance and a couple of burning birds.

Tiki heads

This collection of Tikis serves as the ideal photo backdrop for your tiki party. Visually calling to your guests to have their picture taken in front of them.

Singing Tikis

These 5 crooning tikis will turn your tiki party into a swinging wake. They specialize in calling in the “spirits” wherever they’re at.