Theme Park

Creating the happiest place

There are a lot of happy places in the world, but none happier than your own home. With a little imagination, you can transform your party into a magical place full of adventure and fantasy, go into space or even way out west. These packages are each a medley of a larger collection. When all placed together, you have the ingredients that can make dreams come true.


This one is to get the party started. It is a high level mix of the “must have” visuals to start turning your party into your happy place.


This one builds on top of the Magic package, expanding on a good variety of theme park type visuals, expanding on your happiest place theme for your party.


Even more variety of theme park visuals, nearly completing iconic imagery. Combined with package 1 and 2, it really starts transforming your party into the happiest place.


Completing your own little kingdom, this package is a good mix of iconic theme park goodness.