PartyArt Signs are 4mm thick corrugated plastic signs with vertical fluting that offers a durable and versatile outdoor signage solution. The signage is all digitally printed in full color with vibrancy and quality and then laser cut to a contour shape.

PartyArt Signs can be used both indoors and outdoors to make your party theme come to life. The lightweight plastic PartyArt Signs are weather proof and moisture resistant. We do recommend removing them in extreme weather conditions such as heat or strong winds. With proper storage and care, your PartyArt signs can be used for future parties and/or decor around the house, reminding you of how much fun you had at that epic party you threw.

We’ve found that reusability has been part of the value of these signs. The lightweight plastic PartyArt Signs are weather proof and moisture resistant. Our users have found themselves letting their friends borrow them for parties of their own. And when they are not in use, they are flat and stack for easy storage.

Currently we are not set up to rent. Everything is for purchase.

As we are set up now, we can not offer a single individual sign from a package. The entire package must be purchased.

  • Stakes in the ground (included)
  • Wooden posts and velcro (not included, recommended for signs over 48” tall)
  • Double stick tape to wall, column or tree. (not included)
  • Hanging from ceiling with thin wire and tape (not included)


PartyArt Signs that are up to 48” tall use the included metal stakes to slip into the corrugated plastic fluting and then into the dirt ground. For some of the signage that is larger than 48” (such as the tall tikis or tall Wonderland leaves), we recommend that those signs are stuck to the wall or a column with removable double sided tape. If there is no wall to attach these taller PartyArt Signs, they can be displayed with a thin wooden post and velcro (wooden post and velcro not included). However the majority of PartyArt Signs will use the wire stakes that are included in each order.

Wire stakes are light that provide portability and are durable enough to be pushed into a soft surface, such as dirt or sand. These wire stakes can be removed and reused for future display needs with careful use.

Yes, metal stakes are included. Some of them are single stakes, some are double stakes. The double stakes come in two widths, depending on the width of your signage. If you have signage that is taller than 48” we recommend getting a thin wooden post for added support as when they get taller they could possibly lean forwards or backwards. The height of the post depends on the sign. We recommend getting a few inches shy of the sign itself. The goal being guests do not see the post supporting it.

The goal of these signs is to make a statement when guests arrive. They will instantly show your guests that you exceeded their expectations for your event. When surrounding your gathering space, the signs create an immersive environment that amplifies your theme. The other goal of these signs is to photobomb every group shot of a selfie. With that in mind, they work best when placed at higher levels. For example, if there is a grass hill or raised terrace, they have greater success making it into those photographs and footage.

We offer free shipping on our packages for any orders in the United States. For individual items ordered, shipping is $35. 

Approximately 3 – 7 business days depending on location.

The main difference between us and others is that our products feature original art created specifically for PartyArt. Think of it as custom art made just for your party or seasonal decor. PartyArt signs and letters were designed and planned out by event professionals who have art directed many events for world famous theme parks in Southern California. We poured that level of quality and creative detail into each package. It’s also our custom themed letters that raise us above the rest, like a fine wine, we have paired each theme to an option of letters to give that extra bit of personalization to your event, party or seasonal decor. Best of all, if you get stuck when decorating, feel free to reach out for some tips on how best to set up your space.

Not yet but please reach out to us to see if it is do-able. Our website isn’t currently equipped to ship internationally, but we hope to offer that in the near future.

The signage you receive from PartyArt could be hung on the wall or column with double stick tape. Or you can use the metal stakes that come included with your signs and place it in the dirt or grass. They are lightweight, so you can hang them with a thin wire and strong tape. If there are sharp corners, hang with care just in case they fall and poke someone. Take a look at our gallery on some examples of how to display your PartyArt signs.

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to create what you are looking for but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Please message us with what you’d like to see and we will be happy to explore that possibility and consider it for future options.

If you have a special project, or an order you think needs additional customization from what our website offers, get in touch with us.

You can shop around without an account. However, due to the personalization options for your order, you will need to create a free account in order to complete your order. – You can create an account, log in to an existing account or manage your account right here.

All payment information is stored and processed through a secured 3rd party payment processor. PartyArt Signs do not store any customer’s credit card and payment information.

We accept all major credit cards.

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